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New Version 03-06-2009, PIC Disassembler -

Microchip PIC Disassembler is for the PIC10, PIC12, PIC14 and PIC16 families of micro controllers i.e. PIC16C54, PIC16F73, PIC16F84, it will not work with PIC18C or PIC18F parts (PIC18) or PIC24F, PIC30F or PIC33F (PIC24).

It will disassemble for all members of each family i.e. PIC10F, PIC12C, PIC12F, PIC14C, PIC14F, PIC16C and PIC16F, this makes PIC Disassembler extremely versatile.

PIC Disassembler allows the user to Disassemble i.e. convert from raw binary Machine Code back to User viewable/editable Mnemonics that can be directly modified using a text editor and then re-assembled using the free Microchip assembler.

The Disassembly process takes a varying amount of time depending on the memory size of the micro controller being utilised.

Release Notes

Due to limitations of the internal architecture PIC Disassembler cannot decode branch/call addresses, this is due to having to know the content of the PCLATH register before the branch/call is taken, PIC Disassembler would have to simulate the code before disassembly. The file registers for the peripherals are also not decoded as the content of the STATUS register page bits RP0 and RP1 must be known to detect whether PORTA or TRISA is being addressed for example.


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Download the trial version here.

Purchase a fully licensed version using PayPal secure payments for only £6.99, this includes support and product upgrades for one calendar year from date of shipping.