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The utility load's two separate files into virtual memory based on the byte data stored in Intel Hex File Format once loaded into memory it then enables a compare to be run to indicate differences.

Release Notes

Options available:

File One - Filename / Browse for file, remembers last file used and path.

File Two - Filename / Browse for file, remembers last file used and path.

Pre fill memory with a custom byte value, defaults to 255 or 0xFF.

Maximum Errors, 1 to 1000 defaults to 100.

Ignore Plain Text, defaults to off. (No warning if it comes across plain text in the file)/

Ignore Checksum errors, defaults to off. (No warning of checksum errors, although the line isn't loaded into memory)

Show One Error per Line, defaults to off. (Only highlights one error per line).

Auto Compare, defaults to off. (When both browse buttons are used to specify filenames it will cause a compare to run).

Memory view, defaults to off. (Normally the software displays the line from the hex file, this shows the raw memory with highlighted changes).

Click image to see a larger view, Normal View.
Image of File View

Click image to see a larger view, Memory View.
Image of Memory View

For Example:





These two files would not pass any conventional file compare test, either Binary or Text based because they are different, however when loaded into memory the two are identical.

Download a 5-day trial version here from this web site or from below:

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