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Frequently Asked Questions...

1. AVG Anti virus issues
2. Windows Vista Compatibility issues

AVG is reporting the xxxx.dat file as containing the virus "Win32/Heur".
The "Win32/Heur" is not a real virus i.e. it is not determined by a signature, it is a file that the Heuristic Anti Virus checker thinks is suspicious, in this case it is due to the Protexis Copy/Protection and how it works. It is an ongoing issue with AVG, we will keep sending the files to AVG to have them removed from the heuristic checker however this must happen every time any modification is made to the application.

The software is supposed to be compatible with Windows Vista but it won't work.
The application works perfectly under Vista, however the copy protection software from Protexis requires Administrative rights to run if User Access Control is turned on. You must either right click the application and choose "Run as administrator" or turn User Access Control Off (Which is not recommended).