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This section is dedicated to Disassemblers currently only Microchip Disassemblers are provided although other manufacturers will be supported in due course.

You will require the input data in an Intel Hex File Format.

The trial software will allow you to load your hex file into memory, designate the target Micro controller, Validate the Disassembly and finally Disassemble the code. The Validation stages ensures that the program can recognise all the instructions loaded into memory. The Disassembly stage produces the output required for an assembler.

The Save functionality and Copy to clipboard features are disabled in the trial version but the output can be viewed in the output window.

This software is especially useful for converting from older PIC16C devices to newer PIC16F devices if you no longer have the original source code for the application.

This software is intended for use by people who own the full rights to the software contained in the Hex file and is in no way intended to aid software piracy.

PIC Disassembler, PIC18 Disassembler and PIC24 Disassembler are also known as PICDIS, PICDIS18 and PICDIS24, These provide a complete set of tools for the entire Microchip Processor family excluding the new MIPS devices PIC32.

They allow the user to Disassemble i.e. convert from raw binary Machine Code back to User viewable/editable Mnemonics that can be directly modified using a text editor and then re-assembled using the free Microchip assembler.

The Disassembly process takes a varying amount of time depending on the memory size of the micro controller being utilised.